In addition to my fieldwork, I sometimes have the opportunity to meet with classrooms and talk about life in Antarctica, the experience of being a graduate student in STEM programs, and answer questions about any of these topics. In the cases where classrooms farther afield from the Boulder/Denver area are interested in talking to me, Skype has been a useful tool to reach schools from New Mexico to Sydney, Australia, and I’ve even been able to talk to a few groups onsite from Antarctica during my fieldwork. If you’re interested in coordinating a talk, please contact me at thelastdegrees at gmail.com

My research in Antarctica is supported by the National Science Foundation, the United States Antarctic Program, the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long Term Ecological Research program, and the University of Colorado Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in STEM Education. In addition to these sources, the outreach associated with my fieldwork is enhanced by the following partners:

The Colorado Office of University Outreach

iSTEM, The University of Colorado Integrating STEM Education Program

The ‘Learn More About Climate’ Program

Describing polar fieldwork and Antarctic science to schools in Denver, Colorado


  1. Hello Alex, would love to talk with you about outreach for Denver Public School students. Community Resources has a Classroom Speakers Program – Antarctica topics continually get requested. Thanks, Stephanie 720-424-2300

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