Flights to the Ice

Nov. 8, 2013

I’ve finally arrived! Here’s a video of my flights from the US to Christchurch to McMurdo station, Antarctica. I’ll be here in McMurdo for about a week to get our gear in order, then hopefully next week I’ll hitch a helicopter ride out to the Dry Valleys to get started on my research this season.

-gDSCN1375bLots of time in airports…

DSCN1403bGetting my ‘big red’ parka issued in Christchurch, New Zealand

DSCN1381bInside the C-17 to McMurdo

DSCN1388bMy side row of the C-17

DSCN1391bView from the cockpit

DSCN1408bMcMurdo station, Antarctica


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  1. Uh… You are way too cute to be a scientist!!

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