McMurdo Station Part 2: Videos

Nov. 28, 2012

Speaking of McMurdo base, I came across a video that I think shows the conditions of the American coastal station pretty well. This was taken by a different team that lives on the base for the full summer season, so they had more time to explore around and capture great footage. I’m only ever in MacTown as a sort of transitory state on my way to other bases, so while I’ve been there for about 3 weeks, it’s different for the folks who work here full time. (I didn’t know they had a bowling alley!)

However, that video shows McMurdo when it’s ‘pretty’ (most of the base is on frozen mud, so the pretty views are generally when you look out across McMurdo Sound towards Mt. Erebus or inland towards the snow-covered areas) so I also wanted to show you  a different perspective, of what it’s like to walk around and try to work at MacTown during a ‘condition 1’ windstorm. I’ll explain the weather conditions more fully later, but I just wanted to add video #2 to get another perspective of what life on the Ice is like when the sun isn’t quite shining in the summer.

Next post: more on the weather conditions, and my trip to the High Plateau.


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