Farewell from the Field

Jan 30, 2013

After a lot of changes to our flight schedules this season, my flight back to McMurdo base –> New Zealand –> home has been scheduled and my time at Concordia is coming to an end. This season has been a great experience and I’m glad for the chance to have met some really friendly people who made my time here so much more welcome. Before I depart on the series of long flights home, though, there’s a tradition here at Concordia that has to be honored- adding your hometown to the station post.

The station post is a series of wooden planks farther out on the ice sheet away from the station where people list the distance to their respective hometowns.

DSCN0860The Concordia ‘Directory’

DSCN0843Since I completed a full austral season here, I got to add my own sign.

DSCN0855 Putting my sign up on their list. I am one of only two Americans listed here, the other is a New Yorker from a few years ago.

After my sign was firmly affixed to the board, I started packing my gear and getting ready to leave Antarctica once again. It’s been a great second season on the Ice and I look forward to going back again next year. I won’t come back to Concordia, but rumor has it next year I’ll be in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, which is an area of the Transantarctic mountain range. A little warmer than Concordia (everything is warmer than Concordia!) and with a view of the mountains; I’m pretty excited to see how things will pan out next season. Until then, stay warm out there!



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