Underwater Adelies

Jan. 12, 2009

Here’s some fantastic footage collected by Jeff Peneston’s underwater camera, showing Adelie penguins swimming in front of our ship and hunting for krill. I’d like to add music to this video at some point, but I need to look up Youtube’s copyright details to see what kind of track I can add to this video, so in the mean time play your own tune and check out the Adelies below. (Near the end, one tries to bite the underwater camera. It’s an amazing shot!)

And here are a few of my favorite remaining photos of Adelies I’ve taken that I haven’t posted yet. Click for larger images!


flyingv-mAdelies in a ‘flying V’ formation to hunt for krill

huntingforkrill3-mhunting alongside a Minke whale (I’ll post about the whales next)

penguinfight2-mPenguin fight

penguinsynch-mswimming through a lead in the ice

runningupthehill-mRunning up a snow hill


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